Friday, October 4, 2019

A Novel of Nature and Love Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

A Novel of Nature and Love - Personal Statement Example I suppose nature did not accept my ultimate presence on the scene forever and in no time a roaring sound of thunder rejected my proposal and the sky went black with it, bashing the windscreen of our car with heavy rain, thunder shook the whole mountainous range which made me think of my death (Sprague, 2005). We all in response to the shattering flood decided to pull over the side by the road. Unfortunately, not everyone on the road had the same decision of stopping by. As we pulled over, I heard a gaudy scratching of tires and shouts which passed our car and then bang. The driver had faced the music of his erroneous all rushed to the scene and found the eventual misery of nature (Anderson & Alison, 2004). The driver and the front seat passenger unfortunately by the will of God had flown to their final destinations, though children at the back seat were safe. I couldn’t stand the decision of nature and roll back to the car with mourn and grief. It was an unforgettable trip whe re joy drowned me into the positives of nature but as I seemed to forget the balance of nature, it made me taste the dip of its flipside too. I had visited this hill station before in winter too but now coming back here in summer again helped me realize its natural significance again with a different perspective. Whistling breezes, musical sounds of pine trees, carved attractive mountains, sunshine, frosting waterfall, cuddling of clouds, fearlessness of monkeys, colorful rainbows and elegant landscapes had taken my heart which helped me inhibiting natural positives to my memory but soon enough the thundering rain spoiled the whole attraction of hill stations and revealed the flipside of nature (Lawrence and O'Brien, 2000), I experienced the ultimate grief of humanity in the form of death. In the incident of accident and death, I forgot every joy of this trip what I saw, what I felt, what I touched, what I heard? Every inch of my dream and desirable memory got deleted within seconds . I asked my father to proofread my essay, his feedback encouraged me to submit this point of view essay for grading. He stated that the description is overwhelming, in contrast, were the first para explained the positive elements of nature than the other side of the picture. The essay used and explained all the rhetoric tools of writing. The event described follows consistency and transition in happening and occurrence according to the features specified. The storyline progresses as we move from one para to another as the journey and trip decision is made then with the car moving to the hill station, sceneries progress, cold breezes, sounds of pine trees, rain, mountainous landscapes, waterfalls, aqueducts floating water down the range, sunshine, clouds, rainfall, thunderstorm, heavy rain, scratching of tires, accident and consequences of accidents etc.

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